A Royal Affair | Robb & Myrcella

I try to remember him.” The quill trembled in her hand. “Robb.” The thought of him still brought her a sting of bittersweet pain that filled her with nostalgia.

But it was that same pain that made her feel alive and she knows she has not forgotten him even when the memory of him has become harder to recall. 

“I must tell you about him,” The love she held for him was still there. “About us. And why we did the things we did.” 

Myrcella dipped the quill into the ink well before she continued to write over the white page. “My beloved children, you do not know me but I am your mother. Perhaps you cannot forgive. Perhaps you hate me. But, with all my heart, I hope that this is not true. I now know that I will never see you again so I am writing to tell you the truth… before it is too late.”

Story Coming Soon.

written by: cerberus-angel
graphic by: sapphireglyphs
inspired by: A Royal Affair

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  3. cerberus-angel said: Jan it’s beautiful!!! T~T I love it! You’re the best! *hug* Thank you so much for doing this. I’m gonna see this movie again cus this graphic just gave me so many feels & then continue to write the prologue, but only after finishing ch3 for BitN ;D
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